Thursday, July 27, 2006


Half - Yearly General Meeting Report

July 2006.

This year’s half-yearly General Meeting was held at the Club’s premises in Valletta on July the 2nd and started at 10.00 a.m.

First item on the agenda was the reading of the minutes of the January 2006 meeting. These were approved by the Members present for both meetings.

President Mr. Carmel Debattista started his speech by reminding everyone that 2006 is a very special year for our Club and that the Committee has been organizing various activities to commemorate our 25th anniversary. Such activities entail expenses and Mr. Debattista expressed his disappointment that sometimes these activities are not attended by the number of Members one would expect.

He thanked the Members present on the day, those Members who sold and returned the annual lottery ticket booklets and also those Members who made financial donations to the Club.

The President mentioned this year’s January Darts Ranking Competition won by our Member Mr. Stanmore.

The usual 5-a-side football tournament was replaced by a 7-a-side football tournament open for local football nurseries. This tournament was very well organized and the Committee was praised from all the participating nurseries. The format of this tournament will be retained in the coming years and a shield will be awarded to the winning team. This will be kept for one year.

After thanking the Fund Raising Committee for their hard work Mr. Debattista went on to surprise all those present by announcing that Tottenham Hotspur and England legend Paul Gascoigne shall be visiting our Club in the near future.

Mr. Lino Bartolo, Chairperson of the Fund Raising Committee gave an overview of his sub-Committee’s work.

Mr. Bartolo said that monthly dinners are being organized at the Club in order to raise funds to cover the 25th anniversary’s celebrations. He also invited Members who would like to attend to contact the Club for further information on future dates. The Chairperson also mentioned the highly successful April reception in Zebbug and thanked all those who attended.

Mr. Bartolo gave details about the 7-a-side football tournament. Apart from the trophy presented to the winning team, all the boys from the different nurseries were presented with a commemorative medal. The aim of the tournament is to promote the name of Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Mr. Bartolo also invited our Members to attend the events organized by our Club from time to time.

Although it is not the norm for a financial report to be read during a half-yearly meeting, the treasurer Mr. Godwin Cilia compared the first six months of this financial year with the first six months of the previous year. The report shows that last year’s financial status was healthier than this year’s.

During the time allocated to the floor Mr. Raymond Aquilina enquired about the Club’s official website. Secretary Alex Cilia stated that although the official website has not been functional for a while because of technical and logistic difficulties, the Club still has an official voice on the internet and this can be found on This blog is run by Magazine Officer Mr. Mark Mizzi.

Mr. Cilia encouraged Members to log on this site in order to read about the Club’s activities.

Mr. Aquilina added that this could be one way of reducing the postage bills.

The winners of the annual lottery were the following:

1) 6 months membership to the M.F.A. swimming pool in Ta’ Qali for 2 persons - Mr. George Micallef.
2) 2 day return tickets to Sicily By Catamaran (Virtu’ Rapid) - Mrs. Claire Micallef.
3) Gents watch sponsored by Herbies Jewellery - Mr. Norbert Muscat.
4) Dinner for 2 at Rojohn Restaurant - Mr. John Muscat.
5) Hamper of foreign wine sponsored by Mr. Edward Ciantar - Mr. F.R. Wirth.
6) Hamper of local wine sponsored by Mr. Emanuel Cordina - Mr. J.M. Farrell.

The meeting ended with finger food and drinks sponsored by the barman Mr. Carmel Debattista.

Alex Cilia.
Club Secretary.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Our friend and Club Member Herbert Azzopardi celebrated his birthday last week. On Tuesday we joined him for a boys night out at Ta' l-Ingliz Restaurant in Mgarr. The usual suspects indulged in a feast of pasta, game and other traditional Maltese food...all washed down with very good red wine.
On Friday our partners and wives joined us to celebrate with Herbert and his family. We enjoyed delicious platters and superb fine wine at Cantina Sant Angelo...a fascinating wine bar in Birgu run by our Member Edward and his lovely wife Rose.
Here are some opictures of the occasion....Herbert is the guy in the first picture.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

(Kick Off Malta Time)
July 13 v Bordeaux (Stade Olympique d'Albertville): 2-1
(Defoe 35, McKenna 88/ Micoud 44)
Cerny, Ifil (McKenna, 79), Assou-Ekotto, Davids, Dawson,
Gardner, Routledge (Ziegler, 60), Murphy (Lee, 87), Berbatov (Barnard, 79),
Defoe (O'Hara, 60), Reid.
Subs: Davenport, Fulop, Huddlestone.
July 14 v Nice (Stade Municipal d'Evian): 1-0
(Barnard 43)
Fulop, Stalteri, Ziegler, Huddlestone, King (Murphy, 72), Davenport, Routledge
(Defoe, 46), Ghaly, Barnard (McKenna, 85), Tainio, O'Hara. Subs: Cerny, Defoe, Ifil, Lee, Barcham
July 18 v Celta Vigo (Stade Municipal d'Annecy, France): 2-0
(Defoe 50, 52)
Cerny, Ghaly (Lee, 85), Assou-Ekotto, Davids (Tainio, 46),
Davenport (Dawson, 46), King (Huddlestone, 46), Routledge (Ifil, 65),
Murphy (Defoe, 46), Barnard (Berbatov, 46), Keane (McKenna, 70),
Ziegler (O'Hara, 65).
Unused subs: Fulop, Barcham.
July 22 v Birmingham (St Andrews, 4.00pm): 2-0
(Berbatov 12, 14)
Fulop, Routledge (Ifil, 66), King (Davenport, 66), Dawson, Assou-Ekotto,
Huddlestone, Ghaly (Ziegler, 57), Tainio, Defoe (O'Hara, 86),
Keane (Murphy, 64), Berbatov (Barnard, 71).
Unused sub: Cerny.
July 25 v Stevenage (Broadhall Way, 9.00pm): 3-0
(Defoe 33, 87 pen, Berbatov 80)
Cerny, Tainio, Assou-Ekotto, Huddlestone, Dawson, King (O'Hara, 85),
Ghaly (Routledge, 46), Davids, Berbatov (Barnard, 82),
Keane (Ifil, 75), Defoe. Subs: Forecast, McKenna, Daniels.
Jul 30 v Inter (White Hart Lane, 4.00pm): 2-1
(Tainio 36, 79/ Martins 43)
Cerny (Fulop, 46), Routledge, Assou-Ekotto, Huddlestone (Ghaly, 62),
Dawson, Davenport, Tainio, Davids, Keane (Murphy, 82), Berbatov,
Defoe (Ziegler, 72). Subs: Gardner, Barnard, Ifil.
Aug 05 v Borussia Dortmund (Westfalonstadion, 3.30pm): 1-1
(Berbatov 43/ Frei 36)
Robinson, Lee (Stalteri 62), Assou-Ekotto, Zokora (Huddlestone 76),
Dawson, Davenport, Lennon (Defoe 57), Jenas (Ghaly 62),
Berbatov (Routledge 75), Keane, Murphy (Ziegler 57).
Subs: Cerny, Gardner
Aug 12 v Real Sociedad (White Hart Lane, 3.00pm)
Friday July 14: Enfield Town (8.45pm): 7-1
(Dervite, Dixon, Maghoma, Dawkins, Davis 2, Livermore/ Hammatt)
Button, Riley (Mtandari 50), Martin, Mills, Dervite, Lewis, Daniels,
Maghoma, Davis, Dawkins, Dixon (Livermore 56).
Tuesday July 18: Boreham Wood (8.30pm): 3-1
(Dixon 12, 27, Maghoma 76/ Cox 60)
Button (Stroud 65), Riley (Mtandari 54, Hughton 90), Daniels,
Mills, Martin, Davis (Hutton 75), Maghoma, Lewis, Livermore,
Dawkins, Dixon (Hamed 45).
Wednesday July 26: Bishops Stortford (8.45pm): 8-1
(Barcham 18, 26, Ziegler 32, Lennon 42, Barnard 44,
Dawkins 51, 57, 85/ Galitsios og 53)
Fulop, Ifil, Ziegler, Jenas (Dawkins, 46), Lee (Galitsios, 46),
Davenport, Lennon (Maghoma, 46; Riley, 79), Barcham (Daniels, 61),
Barnard, Murphy, O'Hara. Subs: Forecast, Riley.
Saturday July 29: Cambridge City (4pm): 2-0
(Lee 38, Barcham 60)
Forecast, Riley, YP Lee (Daniels, 46), Lewis, C Lee, Defendi (Martin, 60),
Lennon, Zokora (Davis, 46; Hutton, 65)), Dawkins, O'Hara,
Barcham. Subs: Stroud, Lake.
Wednesday August 2: Fisher Athletic (8.45): 3-1
(O'Hara 8, Barcham 73, Barcham 77/ Griffiths 12)
Forecast, Ifil, Daniels, Lewis, C Lee, Gardner (Defendi, 73), Barcham,
Jenas (Njie, 60), Dawkins, O'Hara, Ziegler (Maghoma, 46).
Subs: Button, Mills, Riley.
Wednesday August 9: Dover Athletic (8.45pm): 0-2
(Dryden 81, Daniels og 88)
Cerny, Stalteri (Mills, 57), Ifil, Huddlestone (Lewis, 57), Lee,
Gardner (Defendi, 57), Routledge (Riley, 46), O'Hara, Barcham,
Dixon (Maghoma, 6), Ziegler (Daniels, 57). Subs: Stroud.
Monday August 14: Canvey Island (8.45pm)
(All Spurs XI games away from home)

We are happy to learn that the Swiss Spurs Supporters Club (founded in September 2005) are now officially recognized by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
They have now joined the ever growing family of official Spurs Supporters Clubs around the World. We wish you all the best for the future and hope to see you at White Hart Lane some time this season.


Exchange of Correspondence between our Club and the Swiss Spurs Supporters Club:

Sent: Friday, July 07, 2006 7:42 PM
Subject: Congratulations from Malta.

Hello to all Swiss fans

As secretary to the Tottenham Hotspur Malta committee, I am really pleased to hear that your Club has been officially recognized by T.H.F.C.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my committee and all its members to congratulate your committee on achieving such a feat. This year our Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary since it was founded back in 1981.

I understand that it took your committee a lot of work and time in order to achieve the status of official recognition, because my club went through this some time ago, but it is very satisfying when your efforts go rewarded. Congratulations once more, and I hope that a cooperation and friendship between our two clubs should prosper in the near future, after all we are all members of one big family, the Tottenham Hotspur family.

Kind Regards
Alex Cilia

Tottenham Hotspur Malta


Hello Tottenham Hotspur Malta

Thank you very much for your kind words and warm welcoming.

I look forward to a great cooperation and friendship between our two club's.

I would like to take the chance, on behalf of the Swiss Spurs Supporters Club, to congratulate you on your upcoming 25th anniversary.
That certainly is a great achievment and proof of great support towards Tottenham Hotspur FC.

We look forward to hearing from you in the future and who knows, maybe we will meet at WHL some time ...

Kind Regards

Daniel Graf
Club President
Swiss Spurs Supporters Club