Thursday, April 27, 2006

Champions League
Only two games to go now and 6 points would guarantee us fourth place. Sadly it might not be enough as the scum could still win the Champions League and relegate us to the UEFA Cup. Personally I would have preferred Milan in the final. I think that they are a more solid team and would have been more difficult for the Gunners to beat.
However all is not lost and Barca can do us a big favour. Many (including Wenger) say that the Barca defence is not that reliable but it's not like they are conceding many goals. Against Milan (who have players like Kaka, Schevchenko, Inzaghi and Gilardino) they coped very well. Although Milan had a very good game in the Nou Camp they did were not able to create chances. On the other hand it was Barca who had the opportunities and Mialn have to thank Dida for keeping their goal intact. Barca do have the players to inflict damage on the let's all be Catalans for the Champions League final.
One final note... whatever happens (even if we don't finish fourth) we should still be proud of our team. We have made great progress and we must realize that with two games to go we are already in Europe and fighting for something. Some years ago we were singing "We want our Tottenham back". Seems we got it. COME ON YOU SPURS

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