Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dear Mark,
Thanks once again for another interesting edition of The Cockerel. I have been an International member of the club for many years and although I have not been able to visit in recent years, I always cherish some great memories of my times at the club. .
In December last year my Father Vic and myself were treated as guests of the club for a match day feast and hosting for the match vs. Birmingham. We were celebrating my father's 90th birthday and it was fantastic to shake hands with Pat Jennings, Cliff Jones, Martin Peters and many others. We had a great day, I will try and send a photo sometime, though I am having problems downloading them at the moment.
I hope you all have a wonderful day on Sunday for the Carling Cup Final, have a drink for me!. An old work colleague of mine, Nick Creak, may be calling in to say hello. Despite him supporting that other lot from North London, I assured him he would receive a warm welcome, let's face it why should we hold a 5 . 1 win against him!! He is running in the Malta Half Marathon, real fans run a full marathon!
Please say hello to everyone at the club for me.
Best Wishes,
Mike King

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

James, Katie and myself Michael Frost are well known to Malta Spurs as members and visitors every year.
We could only manage to get tickets for the final in the Chelsea end, to our amazement my son James spotted Charlie and the gang sitting two rows infront of us we could not believe it out of
87 000 people our friends from Malta where sitting in front of us, it made a great day even better.
We are really looking forward to visiting you again in July.
Michael, James and Katie Frost