Saturday, April 05, 2008

This year’s A.G.M. was held at the Club’s premises on Sunday 20th January. The meeting, which was very well attended, commenced at 9.30 a.m.

Club Secretary Mr. Alex Cilia read the minutes of the previous meeting and after some interventions from the floor, the minutes were approved by the Members who were present for the previous meeting. Mr. Cilia then read out a detailed administrative report in which he highlighted how the committee felt disheartened by the fact that we have had to cancel a number of events due to the lack of participation from members.

Club treasurer Mr. Godwin Cilia then reported in detail about the Club’s finances. Mr. Cilia pointed out that the club’s financial status is still healthy even though we had less paying Members. This report was greeted with a round of applause.

Word then passed to Club President Mr. Carmel Debattista who started his address by stating that it was the Committee’s priority is to see the Club developing a bigger supporters’ base. Mr Debattista said that digital cable television has been installed at the Club and Members and supporters can follow Spurs at our premises. The President said that he would like to see more members making use of these facilities.

Mr Debattista said that the committee has managed to get a better sponsorship deal with Farsons Co. Ltd.. There were also positive reactions about the organisation of the sixth consecutive darts tournament. The President said that the competitors were all pleased with the organisation of this tournament and one of the competitors has promised to sponsor the club in order to double the prizes of the next competition.

Mr. Debattista went on to talk about the daily running of the club saying that although there is a number of Members who visit the club regularly, he would like to see more faces as this serves as an incentive to the committee. Mr Debattista continued his speech by mentioning the difficulties that the Committee is facing regarding the publishing of The Cockerel. A number of Members offered their help and promised to pass on some material for the magazine.

Mr. Debattista concluded his speech by thanking all those present for their effort to attend.

At this point there were other interventions from the floor and one of the Members asked about the possibility of the Club voicing its opinion on the local media. The Club Secretary replied that the Club already does so when invited to participate on football talk shows. He also invited Members to participate when such occasions arise and two Members expressed their wish to do so.

The meeting ended with the election of the new Committee. Since there were no new nominations there was no need for an election and last year’s Committee was confirmed for this year.

The 2008 Committee

President – Mr. Carmel Debattista.
Secretary – Mr. Alex Cilia.
Treasurer – Mr. Godwin Cilia.
Vice-President – Edward Ciantar.
Vice-Secretary – Mr. Vincent Piccinino.
Vice-Treasurer – Mr. David Zerafa.
Club Directors – Mr. Julian Saliba, Mr. Nicholas Saliba.
P.R.O. and Media Officers – Mr. Ray Mifsud, Mr. Lino Bartolo, Mr. Mark Mizzi.
Advertising Officers – Mr. Jimmy Portelli, Mr. Tony Zammit.
Gozo Delegate – Mr. Mark Mizzi.
Spiritual Director – Fr. Joe Bonnici O. P.
Legal Advisor – Dr. Stephania Zerafa.
Editorial Board –
Mr. Mark Mizzi, Mr. Alex Cilia, Mr. CarmeL Debattista, Mr. Vince Piccinino, Mr. Tony Zammit, Mr. Simon Bonnett.
Honorary Presidents –
Mr. Justice Dr. Joe Azzopardi, Mr. Salvinu Muscat, Mr. Norman Vella, Mr. Norbert Gingell, Mr. Frank Cauchi, Mr. Herbert Azzopardi and Mr. Alfred Cachia.
Auditors –
Mr. Alfred Cachia, Mr. Simon Bonnett

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