Monday, April 09, 2007


Our Members Mark Mizzi, Herbert Azzopardi, David Zerafa and Andre' Borg were in London for the Braga, Watford and Chelsea (FA Cup) games. A great time was had by all and a big thanks goes to our fellow Spurs fans in London who made our stay a memorable one. High praise goes to the Norwegian Spurs whom we joined to create a great atmosphere at the Bricklayers Pub before and after the games.
The only sore point was the defeat against Chelsea but we can say that WE WERE THERE WHEN ROBBO SCORED and that alone made our stay one to remember.


Simon said...

Hi Mark

Great pics from your last visit to the Lane and the Bricklayers – you and the pitcher go well together ! ;o))

Etienne Camilleri said...

wow dik kienet wahda mil isbah granet .tara l Robinson jiskurja live